Why Its Better To Feed Your Dog Wet Food

Why Its Better To Feed Your Dog Wet Food

Do you know that kibbles are made for people's convenience as opposed to pets' benefits?  It is true that we humans lead very busy and complicated existence and we find ways to facilitate convenience to save time and money in everything that we do and acquire.  It goes same with owning pets.  Being a pet parent is not an easy task. But easier than a human parent, I suppose.  So, as much as possible, meal giving is easier when you go to a bag of kibble and measure a cup of two for your hungry pet.  All is taken of, you would think, in terms of nutrition. What with all the product labeling and claims, you better believe them to be true.

But over the decades, despite the big pet food manufacturers' retinue of veterinarians, pet nutritionist, chemist, etc., urging pet parents that their nutrition formulation are just the right ones for your pets, our pets show signs of health problems, and even die from constant recalls. 

Pet owners I have met are proud to exclaim that they pay top dollar for their pets' food.  And yet, their pets are showing signs of poor nutrition. If only they know how kibbles are manufactured! That's for another article I'll write about.

I have raised a now 14 year old yellow labrador retriever who enjoys and benefits from my home-cooked meals of wild Alaska salmon, chicken and beef accompanied with fresh vegetables and corresponding meat organs. Anybody who meets her is impressed by how she looks: soft fur, clear eyes, no lumps, no bumps, no humps. My dog, Dallas, has not suffered any major digestive problems or allergies and most of all cancer.  At 14, only recently mild arthritis affected her shoulders.  But with cbd oil, and a combination of glucosamine/chondroitin/green-lipped mussels, did her walking, and she's even running, with ease and comfort.

Her wet meals contain food that I prepare. Therefore, I know that they are real human-grade meats and organs and fresh veggies.  Frequently, I include Alaska Grown vegetables and carrots as the season dictates. Alaska's veggies, especially the carrots, are especially nutritiously sweet, moist and crunchy.  Wet meals have a lot of natural moisture from the meats and the vegetables unlike the kibbles that have been robbed of natural moisture with their natural nutrients. Do you know that natural nutrients in the beginning stages of kibble manufacturing are extracted and synthetic vitamins & minerals and moisture and palatibility techniques are coated into the last stages of the process?  Kibbles make a lot of dogs dehydrated. Therefore, they attack the water bowl with vengeance.  Moisture aids in the overall health for every living being, as you know. 

My proof that what I feed my dog works, is the health of my dog.  Therefore, because of this, I include the meals I prepare into my repertoire of products.  The regular pet owning customers who subscribe to Drool Central's meals, have relied on the freshness and benefits of these meals.



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