Dog Treats with Bananas & Peanut Butter/Elfish

5 oz. This dog treats, Elfish, contains fresh bananas and organic unsalted unsweetened peanut butter.  Drool Central hunted for that special peanut butter that would be safe and nutritious to dogs.

Ingredients: Fresh bananas, Alaska Grown Barley Flour, Organic Unsalted Unsweetened Peanut Butter, Fresh Whole Eggs, Organic, Mixed Tocopherols (natural Vit. E), Citric Acid.

  • Six ingredients
  • Organic Unsalted Unsweetened peanut butter
  • Fresh bananas
  • Alaska Grown Barley Flour
  • Fresh whole eggs
  • Made in Alaska
  • Made in the USA
  • No artificial preservatives
  • No substitutions
  • No artificial flavorings or seasonings
  • No artificial colorings
  • No salt
  • No refined sugar
  • No corn
  • No soy
  • No wheat
  • Resealable bag

Are bananas good for dogs? Read on. 

Is it Safe to Feed My Dog Bananas?

Yes! Bananas have many great benefits for dogs. That said, because of the high sugar content in bananas they should be used as a treat, not a staple of their diet.

Why Are Bananas Good For Dogs?

1) Potassium: Aids Muscle And Blood Vessel Function

We couldn’t mention the benefits of bananas for dogs without mentioning potassium! Knowing that bananas are high in potassium is one of those fun facts that everyone always seems to know. While that’s a great fun fact, what does that mean? Why is having a high potassium content important? What is potassium?

Potassium is great for muscle and blood vessel function. It helps muscles move (like helping the heart squeeze blood through your body) and helping nerves fire. It’s also important for maintaininga proper balance of fluids throughout the body.

Note: It is possible to have too much potassium, which can lead to health problems. Bananas should only be fed in moderation and not as a meal replacement.

2) Vitamin C: Antioxidant And Immune System Boost

Vitamin C helps combat cataracts, glaucoma, kennel cough, joint inflammation and arthritis and certain infections. It can even help in the recovery of injuries and can help fortifying your dog’s immune system

Most dogs don’t need a supplement of Vitamin C because they produce it on their own. However, there are some canine health conditions that require adding Vitamin C to their diet.

3) Fiber: Helps Constipation And Promotes Regularity

Fiber is one of those strange things that seem helpful for almost any digestive trouble. If your pup has diarrhea now and again, fiber can help with that. If doggy constipation is a problem, fiber can help with that too. A medium banana contains about 3.1 grams of fiber, making them a good source of fiber.

Different dogs have different dietary fiber needs, so consult with your vet with any questions.

Looking for other high-fiber fruits you can share with your dog? Check out our article on apples for dogs!

4) Vitamin B6: Regulates Blood Cell Function

Vitamin B6 is also known as pyridoxine and is part of the Vitamin B complex. Deficiencies of vitamin B6 can lead to anemia, kidney stones, tooth cavities, and more.

Vitamin B6 is involved in a lot of important things relating to blood health! For instance, B6 supports making antibodies which fight infection. It also helps regulate blood sugar levels, and aids in making red blood cells.

According to, the minimum daily dose of B6 for dogs is .01mg/lb. So, a 10-pound dog would need 0.10mg per day, and a 65-pound dog would need 0.65mg of Vitamin B6 daily. A medium-sized banana has about 0.43 milligrams of Vitamin B6, so sharing a banana with your dog can be great for ups that need more B6. As always, consult with your veterinarian about your dog’s nutrition.

5) Magnesium: Helps with Proper Bone Growth and Vitamin Absorption

Magnesium is necessary for absorbing vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and potassium. Bananas are high in magnesium— one medium banana has 33mg. It also supports bone growth, so it is important for growing pups!

Trivia:  Why name this treat Elfish?  Because I've read in some stories about Elvis Presley's favorite sandwich: Peanut butter with fresh bananas.  I don't know if that's true or not, but surely some pups from Lexington, MA adores this treat! 

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