Meet the Mum: Daisy Nicolas, Owner  

(Photo Credits to: David Jensen Photography)

Founder & Owner of Drool Central, Daisy Nicolas, lives in Anchorage, Alaska. Inspired by her adopted yellow Labrador retriever, Dallas, who's the constant family, friend, companion rolled into one.  Drool Central sticks to the mission of CLEAN LABEL in pet food which includes resourcing fresh, high quality wild Alaska salmon, cod and seasonal fish, as well Alaska Grown veggies.

Daisy Nicolas, who has a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications, began her culinary career cooking for humans.  She was trained in culinary arts in San Francisco at California Culinary Academy and Tante Marie's Cooking School, and externed at the Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco.  Her 25 years of culinary experience span stints in premiere hotels, resorts, remote Alaskan lodges, restaurants from California, Washington, Utah, New York, Nevada. She is Serv Safe Certified which ensures that food safety guidelines are adhered to.

This mum passionately loves dogs and dogs reciprocate her with equal rambuctiousness.


Meet the Pup: Dallas, Quality Control Chief

Dallas, Alaska born and bred from the tiny village of Larsen Bay of true labrador retriever parentage. She was the only yellow lab amongst all-black siblings.  Her previous owners retained her for being special...the only yellow lab amongst the rest.  Adopted by this mum when she was seven months old, she has not lost her sense of adventure.  

Mum couldn't picture life without her. She has been the official Master Taster who faces her daily job with drooling exuberance and enthusiasm.

On the morning of February 28, 2021, Dallas crossed the Rainbow Bridge. The week that she died, she had a follow up geriatric exam & blood test with no apparent serious or fatal results. A few days later, she stopped eating and drinking.  At the Pet Emergency, the doctor discovered she had tumors in her spleen and liver. All the years that she was alive, Dallas never showed any symptoms of cancer.  She had no lumps, bumps, humps. She was beautiful till the end.