Shipping will be processed within 3 days except holidays. USPS is closed on holidays.



USPS Priority Shipping by weight. Any difference in cost will be refunded to you. 


Local orders within the Anchorage Bowl can be picked up or delivered.  Delivery for local orders of $35 or more.  Delivery limited to certain areas of South Anchorage and East Anchorage.  We will deliver to Midtown, Downtown, Spenard/Turnagain. Delivery is subject to weather, road conditions or moose traffic.


Fresh-baked Treats and Fresh-frozen Treats are for LOCAL Anchorage residents at this time.


We ONLY use fresh wild Alaska fish of the salmon and cod, halibut, rockfish variety.  We include the bones, livers and skins.  

We INCLUDE Alaska Grown vegetables.  All year round, we use Alaska Grown carrots, red beets and potatoes and barley and fresh seasonal greens in the summer.  We also LOCALLY-RESOURCED Alaska Grown locally-raised animal products like fresh chicken eggs, beef organs (liver, heart, kidney, tongue when available), on occasion, pork, sheep, goat organs; and Alaska Grown goat milk. We do carry a limited supply of Alaska Grown locally-raised raw beef meats and bones. 

We also ONLY use human-grade supermarket meats, organs and other raw materials that you and I eat.


The fresh-baked treats, since it contains real food, and it has moisture, the shelf-life is short, two days in refrigerator. But you can freeze. Dogs like the frozen Pumpkin Chicken Muttfins. The crunchies will keep six months as long as you keep them out of moisture.

All items are produced recently because of the one-woman show and the limited facility and equipment.  Therefore, freshness is guaranteed.  When that time comes when Drool Central becomes big, we PROMISE to maintain the integrity of freshness in our products.  After all, we love our dogs and committed to provide them alternative food besides kibble.