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A Fresh New Take on Dog Treats: Drool Central A Mum & Pup Barkery in Alaska
  • By: Daisy Nicolas
  • Dec, 19 , 23

A Fresh New Take on Dog Treats: Drool...

Drool Central's Pivot to support the community of young students and answer its labor issues.
Kiva Crowdfunding for a Brick & Mortar
  • By: Daisy Nicolas
  • Apr, 11 , 21

Kiva Crowdfunding for a Brick & Mortar

https://www.kiva.org/lend/2143171 Drool Central: A Mum & Pup Barkery was born out of necessity to feed my then adopted yellow labrador food from nature and not concocted from a lab. A business mission to focus on using Alaska's natural resources, Thus,...

I Heard Your Wake Up Call
  • By: Daisy Nicolas
  • Mar, 20 , 21

I Heard Your Wake Up Call

Reaching for signs beyond life.

Unleash the Drool with Wild Alaskan Salmon Dog Treats from Drool Central!

Ditch the Kibble, Feed Real: Healthy Dog Treats & Frozen Meals from Drool Central

Forget bland kibble and artificial snacks! Drool Central brings the pristine bounty of Alaska straight to your dog's bowl with hand-crafted treats made from wild-caught Alaskan seafood. Ditch the chemicals and factory farms; our treats are a taste of the wilderness, naturally fresh and overflowing with goodness your pup would chase across the tundra.

Fuel Their Adventures: Healthy Dog Treats for Every Bite

Packed with omega-3s, protein, and calcium, Drool Central treats support sharp minds, gleaming coats, and strong muscles. We even have joint-soothing options for older pups, ensuring every tail wags with joy.

A Symphony of Flavor: Unleash the Drool-fest

Unleash the drool-fest with crunchy jerky, chewy skins, or veggie-infused delights. Each treat is lovingly made in our Alaskan kitchen, keeping your dog focused in training and fetching their way to doggy nirvana.

Find the Perfect Paw-ty Favor: Dog Treats for Every Pup

Whether you've got a husky whirlwind, a majestic malamute, or a wise senior enjoying their golden years, we have the perfect treat to make their tail wag. Explore our range of:

  • Wild Alaskan Salmon Dog Treats: Made with single-ingredient, wild-caught Alaskan salmon for a taste of the wild your pup will crave.
  • Grain-Free & Natural Dog Treats: Perfect for pups with sensitivities, our grain-free treats are packed with flavor and nutrients.
  • Frozen Dog Meals: Complete and balanced meals made with real Alaskan ingredients, providing all the goodness your dog needs to thrive.
  • And More! From chews and toys to supplements and accessories, Drool Central has everything to keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

More Than Just Treats: Nourishing Your Dog Naturally

At Drool Central, we know the bond between Alaskan dogs and their humans is as special as the north itself. That's why we pour our love into every bite, giving your furry friend the best of the north, one delicious, fishy adventure at a time.

Ready to Ditch the Kibble and Let the Drool Flow?

Contact us today and discover the treats that will turn your pup into the happiest camper this side of the Arctic Circle. Let's celebrate the Alaskan spirit, one wagging tail, and fish-scented kiss at a time!

Happy Holidays from Drool Central!