A Fresh New Take on Dog Treats: Drool Central A Mum & Pup Barkery in Alaska

A Fresh New Take on Dog Treats: Drool Central A Mum & Pup Barkery in Alaska

In the picturesque landscapes of Alaska, a small woman-owned bakery is making waves in the dog food industry. Welcome to Drool Central: A Mum & Pup Barkery, a unique business located in Anchorage, Alaska that is redefining the concept of dog treats and meals with its fresh, homemade, and sustainable approach.

Founded by Daisy Nicolas, Drool Central is committed to creating real food for dogs, minus any unhealthy ingredients. The bakery focuses on utilizing ingredients that you and I would eat, making it a healthier choice for our canine companions.

The bakery's menu is as diverse as it is healthy, with a wide variety of treats ranging from dehydrated to freeze-dried, and fresh-baked soft dog treats. They also offer single ingredient treats, toppers, and minimal ingredient dog treats. The star of Drool Central, however, is their fresh frozen dog meals that are available for local Anchorage residents.

Their fresh-frozen meals come in three flavors: beef, chicken, and wild Alaska salmon, all paired with fresh organic greens and certified organic Rempel Family farms carrots. These meals are a testament to Drool Central's commitment to using sustainably-caught wild Alaska salmon, cod, and halibut, along with Alaska Grown fresh vegetables, locally-raised farm animal meats & organs, and eggs when available.

Further contributing to its mission of sustainability and community support, Drool Central has recently partnered with the Anchorage School District's ACT program. The ACT program is a special education initiative that aims to equip young adults with critical skills such as communication, social skills, and vocational training (Anchorage School District). This partnership not only supports a worthy cause but also addresses the company's labor needs.

In conclusion, Drool Central: A Mum & Pup Bakery is a shining example of a successful woman-owned business that is not just delivering high-quality, healthy dog food options, but is also making a positive impact on its local community. This bakery is truly a gem in the heart of Alaska, providing a fresh and sustainable choice for dog owners and positively impacting the lives of young adults in the community.

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