Drool Central: A Mum & Pup Barkery creates NATURAL ORGANIC REAL HOMEMADE MADE IN ALASKA dog treats and dog meals from scratch using wild Alaska fish (including bones, skins and livers); Alaska Grown vegetables and barley; human grade fresh meats and corresponding organs.

What we are proud of the most, is by NOT including numerous unnecessary ingredients that are deemed unhealthy, unneeded and can be detrimental to dogs.  We are also proud of providing several grainless products.

The selection of grains or non-grain items that we prefer to use are Alaska Grown barley flour, organic brown rice, organic coconut flour, organic split-peas.  Drool Central takes the high road to perusing organic ingredients as much as possible and feasible. 

Most of our dehydrated treats include made in the USA mixed tocopherols which is a natural Vitamin E to help extend shelf life and citric acid from Belgium to chelate the ingredients.  We continue to research and develop products to suit every opinionated dog's noses and ensure that our products are supreme.

Drool Central adheres to the fact that dogs deserve a diet devoid of human "taste" intervention. Therefore, we commit to NO salt, refined sugar, processed fats, artificial preservatives, substitutions, flavorings or seasonings, colorings, spices or any pungent flavors, corn, soy and wheat.   

Unlike high volume big pet food companies that have been subjected to recalls, we assure you that we only include ingredients that are safe for dogs.  Almost all of the products are equal to or higher in proteins as opposed to a load of fillers found in most mass produced dog food.

Because we work with locally-sourced purveyors and producers in Alaska, we strive to be proud of what we want you to indulge your dogs with... fresh, made from scratch treats and meals.