ALASKA STATE SHIPPING via USPS Priority by weight.  Any rate difference will be refunded.

FREE DELIVERY LOCALLY with $55.00 and above orders. Allow 48 hours for delivery.  Specify best time and instructions. Delivery may be altered because of winter weather conditions or moose traffic.  Call to arrange for local pick up or delivery within the Anchorage area of Turnagain/Spenard, Downtown, Midtown, parts of East Anchorage and South Anchorage.

ONLY USA Domestic Shipping via USPS Priority Mail.

LOWER 48 USPS Priority shipping from Alaska, maybe subject to delays.  We expeditiously process your order(s) within less than 3 days. But USPS has been experiencing some delays due to covid 19.  So, please be patient.

Fresh-baked and fresh-frozen products are not recommended for shipping due to the products' short shelf life and fragility.  There are dehydrated versions in some dog treats which are perfect for shipping.


All products manufactured by Drool Central has been RECENTLY produced.   Since Drool Central DOES NOT USE artificial preservatives, substitutions, additives or other questionable synthetic ingredients, our dog treats' shelf lives of bagged/sealed treats sold online are within one year of purchase date. All bagged products contain oxygen absorbers to extend shelf life.

The fresh-products suggested use are within two to three days. 

Fresh-frozen meals are within a month. 

We advise to store bagged treats in a cool dry place, away from direct heat and sunlight. Make sure to reseal bag to maintain freshness or transfer into a dry sealed container.

Our customers prefer that we stay with this practice (use only natural preservatives or no preservatives at all) because they are ensured of healthy fresh-produced food for their dogs.

We guarantee our superior quality.  If your dog(s) are not happy, we can give you a replacement similar price product.  Please communicate with us as soon as possible within a week of receipt of your product(s).   This mum & pup strive to make everything right and good for every pup and cat.