ONLINE BULLYING.1/14/2018 A.M. ADDED UPDATE TO THE UPDATE. This guy has added his wife and another family member to falsely claim they have received my products and give me negative reviews. It is important to get my 5 ratings back from the people who actually know the good in Drool Central products. Can you help? 
Update. This guy is going around online libeling me and my business. I just found another of his false and malicious obscene depiction of me in Yelp which I reported to Yelp. He is going through my business contacts, so far, Liz of The Spice & Tea Exchange, got a couple of malicious posts from him which Liz flagged.Let me know if you get any thing, and please print it before you delete or flag these malicious posts, so I can add to my documentation for police report.

Drool Central: A Mum & Pup Barkery
January 12 at 3:36pm · Anchorage · 
There is this SEO company, ClickFlame, that I terminated around Thanksgiving because I did not see any traffic or sales improvement in my website. Yet the owner, Anthony Limpert, insisted that he did. Whatever sales I received came from my regular customers locally and out-of-state which he credited himself for providing me. $500 for a month at money back guarantee if not happy with the service and yet I haven't seen my money back. I wrote three dissatisfied reviews about him and his company.I wouldn't have. 
But he was offensive. Now, he has been escalating his attacks by, bullying, harassing, intimidating and threatening me via emails and social media.He has been trolling my FB account, You Tube, Kiva, GoFundMe, etc. He even sent me pornographic materials, and maliciously claiming that his dog almost choked on my treats, which by the way he hasn't bought or received. I guess I would have to file a police report soon. Please send me his FB message if he contacts you. i'm documenting all his malicious harassments.

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