Dog Treats with Salmon & Carrots & Oatmeal/Dem Bones

5 oz,/bag Dog treats with salmon, carrots & oatmeal. Dem Bones Wild Alaska Salmon For Dog Connoisseurs contains Alaska Grown fresh carrots.

Ingredients: Alaska Grown Barley Flour, Wild Alaska Salmon Puree (plus skins & bones), Alaska Grown Fresh Carrots, Oatmeal, Fresh Whole Eggs, Mixed Tocopherols (natural Vitamin E), Citric Acid.

Guaranteed Analysis of 16.77% Protein (crude), 8.79% Fat (crude), 1.41% Fiber (crude).

  • Seven ingredients.
  • Ingredients from Alaska, USA and Belgium
  • Fresh wild Alaska salmon puree including skins & bones*
  • Sustainable fishing via long line, pot caught, jig, gill & set net
  • Alaska Grown barley flour
  • Alaska Grown fresh carrots
  • Made in Alaska
  • Made in the USA
  • No artificial preservatives
  • No substitutions
  • No artificial flavorings or seasonings
  • No artificial colorings
  • No wheat
  • No corn
  • No salt
  • No refined sugar
  • No processed fats
  • Resealable bag

Alaska Grown carrots are the sweetest, crunchiest carrots you would have tasted in your life because Alaska is blessed with pristine rich mineral-fileld soil. Drool Central makes sure that our beloved pups are also indulged.

* Salmon bone texture are cooked and become gelatinous.


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