Goat Kefir - For local Alaska residents only.


$ 8.00
local goat milk alaska

10 oz.

Ingredients: Fermented Alaska Grown local raw goat milk denatured with Alaska Grown red beets.

Shelf Life: Keep refrigerated..

For dogs only and not for human consumption.

Probiotics for dogs

Due to the differences mentioned above, probiotics don’t act the same in humans as they do in dogs. The challenge in the dog’s digestive system is to keep the probiotics alive until they reach the intestines, since that is where their elixir properties come in to play. First they need to survive the aggressive saliva, then the low and long acting acidity in the stomach, before they can move on to the intestines. It is advised to do a bit of research before starting to feed your pet probiotics. In general we can say, that products pre-mixed into the feed are not suggested, because often these bacteria have a very short life span. It is also not suggested to use products that use 6 or more types of bacteria, because they will be in competition with each other for survival. Best is to use a probiotic product as a supplement to your regular dog food.

I have to mention at this point that dogs are not susceptible to the placebo effect. So, if you want to feed probiotics to get your dog to have better bowel movements, or have better breath, get rid of gas or a yeast infection, nice coat or good energy level, you should notice a difference. Long term benefits are of course hard to recognize, but the main reason here is to prevent diseases through the feeding of probiotics, and the more it is important that you choose a product that does the job. It is also highly recommended to feed probiotics when a dog (or human) is on an antibiotic treatment.

It is evident that there are two types of products which seem to work. First are refrigerated dried, powdered probiotic supplements. They get activated once they reach the stomach, and seem to survive the saliva quite well. But again there are low cost products on the market, and it is hard to tell if the bacteria you feed to your dog are still alive. It is definitely best to buy a product that needs to be refrigerated and make sure to watch the best before date. Shelve stable dried products are unlikely to have much live bacteria left. There is an interesting study from the University of Toronto, which questions the efficiency of many probiotics.

The other option is to feed a food that naturally contains probiotics, like yogurt, kefir, bananas or tripe and there are many more that are not necessarily good for dogs, like onion, garlic or honey.

Fermented dairy products can be very good for dogs, as long as they are used as a supplement only, (too much can cause diarrhea or can cause a dog to gain unwanted weight). Fermented dairy contains protein which is easy for the dog to digest, and due to the fermentation they don’t contain any lactose at all.  The amount of live bacteria listed on the label is the guaranteed amount at the end of the shelve life so you know these micro organisms are active. Yogurt and kefir are naturally acidic, so the bacteria in it will have no problem accepting the low acidity of the stomach. Most dogs love dairy, and the products will pass quickly thru the mouth, and due to the high moisture level will not activate extra saliva production. And it is cost effective, because all you need is 1 to 3 tbsp per feeding depending on the size of the dog, and if the product gets close to shelve life, we can always eat is our selves, and it doesn’t need to go to waste. Fermented dairy products are also minimally processed, and often of a local source.

Limit to Anchorage customers only.

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Goat Kefir for Dogs

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