Alaska Owned Purveyors that Drool Central Partners With

We thank our Alaskan purveyors and partners for supporting a start-up mum & pup barkery.


What is beyond the organic label in Alaskan seafood? FAVCO.  We receive fresh fish carcass coming from salmon, cod and sablefish. Much is known about the nutrients, vitamins and minerals resourced from fish...and with wild Alaska fish, the best is at paws delight.  We want you to know that we aim to provide our dogs with healthy eating habits to make you happy mums and dads.

Alaska Flour Company 

With all the good that comes from barley, and with all the richness of Alaska's land, Alaska Flour Company serves our and our pets' needs to eat well and live cholesterol-free.

Vanderweele Farms

The biggest land-owning farmland in Alaska supplies most of Drool Central's fresh regular carrots and potatoes.

Rempel Family Farm

Drool Central dog treats and dog meals contain certified organic vegetables provided byRempel Family Farm.  Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Rempel for generously bartering us their purple carrots and red beets.  Shadow, their dog, gets doggylicious treats.

Stockwell Farms of Palmer

When your peers nominate you for a prize, that means you are doing a great job.  Such is the case for Vern Stockwell. Stockwell carrots alone are super delicious, crunchy and moist.  No other carrots I have tasted in my life are this superb.

Glacier Valley Farms

Thanks to Arthur Keyes, owner of Glacier Valley Farms for establishing the successful vibrant all Alaska Grown farmers market at South Anchorage.  Drool Central found a perfect venue for local dogs and their shop with delight.  And of course, we also use Glacier Valley Farms carrots and zucchinis when in season.

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