Fish Chips Wild Alaska Cod Dog Treats 1.75 oz.

1.75 oz. with Guaranteed Analysis

Dried wild Alaska cod skins with no preservatives, no treatments, no flavorings or seasonings.  Good organic wild Alaska fresh cod skins dried to give your well-loved doggies that satisfying sound-bite CRUNCH, and PURE omega 3-fatty acid great for the skin and fur and overall health.  Know that your dog gets an extra ounce of crunch that's Made In Alaska and sourced from pristine Alaskan waters.

Besides the high omega 3 fatty acid and protein source, the collagen in the cod skins from recent scientific studies can have beneficial effect on joints. 

Keep in cool dry place out of moisture.

Some cats love this, too, either soft or dry.  Ask the cat.  Soften with a bit of hot water.

Break into small pieces.

Shelf Life: Your dog won't allow you.